Overall Analysis of Customer Footfall

Based on face recognition, BI supports real-time analysis of store traffic and visualizing data such as customer portraits including age, gender, facial expression, and dressing style, so you are able to grasp data in stores and critical features of customers.

Accurate Alerts of Arriving Customers

Through comparing a unique face with store database and based on real-time push notifications of information about new arriving customers, VIP customers, and revisitng customers, BI helps shop assistant to make precise marketing strategy towards VIP customers so as to improve overall service quality.

Clear Display of Customers Distribution on Sites

According to customers’ images captured by multi-cameras, customer behaviors and customer dwell time can be tracked and displayed. With analysis of distribution of customers on each spot, store managers can optimize selected products, layouts, and traffic flow planning.

Smart Surveillance and Security

Based on combination of face recognition and Re-ID, BI allows you to remotely monitor your stores through automatically alerting visitors in blacklist, invasion in key areas, and rioters. Combining with CRM, BI can monitor shop assistants’ absence, unethical order stealing, which allows you to advance operating performance.

Case studies

Aihuishou is one of the largest electronics recycling and old for new service platform. With the help of our BI solution, more than 200 stores are able to automatically count the number of customers and dwell time. Combining with multidimensional business data, our solution can help to choose suitable location for a store and alert the absence of shop assistants and unethical order steal. Within one month of use, our solution allowed managers in Guangzhou to find many unethical order stealing cases and to give up two stores at unsuitable location so as to effectively control business risk and lower the operating cost.

Case studies

Tianfu market under Tianfu Group has 3000 chain stores. It is urgent for them to select, prepare as well as accurately recommend proper products according to the customer footfall and VIP membership system. Through applying our business intelligence solution to their cameras in store, Tianfu market upgrades its traditional security system to artificial intelligence data platform with lower extra cost. With access to members’ images and consuming records saved in their CRM system, BI solution supports to automatically identify VIP and then send targeted promotion ads, which is a leap from traditional retail to new retail.

Case studies

The main business of Kingee Culture Group is precious metal crafts, design, production, and selling of jewelry. We provide our solution to their Kingee Jewelry stores. Our solution offers the statistical number of customers and analysis of gender, age, and hot spots. With our solution, stores managers can establish personalized service system through the report of customers’ preferences. Our solution also could send notifications of arriving VIP through Wechat to shop assistants so that they can serve the members with personalized services and marketing strategy, which is a new concept of consumption experience.

Case studies

EasyGo, a kind of future convenience store that targets the middle and high-level community, adapts mobile box-like stores to build unmanned retailing stores. Deeply combined with our business intelligence solution, it achieves to multi-dimensionally track the dwell time, moving track of customers and hop spots. According to these data, stores can select proper products and improve the layout of products. This is a successful case of digitalized unmanned retailing store.

Case studies

La Caser Pizzaria now has more than 100 stores. With more than 10 times of turnover rate, it has become one of the most popular pizza restaurants. La Caser focuses on customers’ preference and experience. Our solution supports them to identify attributes of customers and to analyze repeat customers. Our solution satisfies their demand of building accurate customers’ portraits and provides data to improve the menu. In this way, La Caser is able to create more delicious food to customers with different preferences in different age.

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Our cloud platform has served hundreds of Internet companies and institutions through processing images a billion times every day, which displays our ability to satisfy the complex offline sites in stores.

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Based on dozens of image recognition APIs including faces, gender, age, outfits and other features, our platform can output different data reports according to different demands of analyzing customers in stores.

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We provide special 24-7 hour service by specifically assigned persons to each client. If there is any emergence, our engineer will await calls and then solve the problems for you.

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